A Complete Guide on Accounts Payable

Published by Raju Gajurel
Published Date: August 29, 2022
Categories: Accounts Payable

UK Property Accountants will handle your property business's full accounts payable function, from collecting and posting purchase invoices to uploading supplier payments in the bank.

We will perform the following tasks as part of our accounts payable services:

  •  Collecting purchase invoices and checking the invoices for accuracy on the details such as company name, VAT number, etc.
  • Processing and posting the purchase invoices into the accounting software
  • Coding the purchase invoices to the correct accounting codes
  • Working closely with surveying, facilities management, client accounting colleagues
  • Reconciling supplier payments to the relevant purchase invoices
  • Uploading the supplier payment file in the bank to enable directors to make payments to the suppliers
  • Ensuring credit is received for outstanding memos
  • Maintaining accounting ledgers by verifying and posting account transactions
  • Controlling, setting up and maintaining of supplier records on the Property Management database or other software
  • Performing regular supplier reconciliations, liaising with suppliers to resolve any anomalies
  • Assisting colleagues in other areas of the Operations team (cashiers and credit control) as required
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