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Chancellor Reeves Plans to Boost Housing Construction

Published by Prerana
Posted Date: July 9, 2024 , Modified Date: July 9, 2024

During her first major speech to the Treasury, Chancellor Rachel Reeves expressed her plans to construct new homes and enhance the affordability of the housing market. Announcing that Britain was opening for business after 14 years, she said that her Labour Party was ready to “get Britain building again.”

What Are the Plans She Announced for the Housing Market?

Before the election, the Labour Party had announced their plans to build 1.5 million homes by the end of their first term in parliament. They stand still by this pledge and, as announced by the Chancellor in her speech, plan to do much more.

Here are some major plans Reeves shared:

  • Labour plans to reform the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) by the end of the month. The framework sets out policies to provide sufficient housing and development in a sustainable manner.
  • Restore compulsory local housing targets and end the ban on onshore wind farms in England.
  • Prioritise decisions on infrastructure projects that have been unresolved for way too long.
  • Recruit additional planning officers to speed up the planning process.

Reeves also explained that the new housing development plans consist of the right mix of affordable housing and homes built for social rent. She also confirmed that she is aware of the opposition to her development plans, especially those regarding the removal of bans on onshore wind projects.

Is There a Focus on Sustainability?

The plans announced also took sustainable development into account. One of the major plans announced was the decision to build on grey belt lands rather than focusing on the green belt policy. The green belt policy aims to protect lands from urban development. However, Labour plans to develop housing on “ugly parts” of the green belt land. This could majorly help the housing crisis and boost the UK property market. However, experts claim it would require a strong policy and government to establish these plans successfully.

Labour Party housing plans

Also, under sustainable development, the party has plans to restart the construction of stalled homes. They are focusing on restarting the construction of 14,000 stalled homes in Liverpool, Central Docks, Worcester Parkway, Northstowe and Langley Sutton Coalfield.


Chancellor Rachel Reeves plans to reform the housing market in the UK. Her proposal includes building 1.5 million homes, changing the National Planning Policy Framework, and focusing on unfinished infrastructure projects. Reeves wants to create more affordable housing and sustainable development, even on "grey belt" lands.

Some people may oppose her plans, especially regarding onshore wind projects, but she is determined to "get Britain building again." If her plans are successful, they could significantly impact the property market and help households across the country.

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