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Filing Annual Update Statements Through UK-Regulated Agents

Published by Dikshya Bhatta
Posted Date: February 2, 2024 , Modified Date: May 29, 2024

Filing Annual Update Statements is mandatory for all overseas entities registered in the United Kingdom. 

This is to confirm that the information about the overseas entity is still intact and alike as and when it was during the time of registration or to update any changes and alterations made in a year to the overseas entity’s profile, ownership structure, beneficial owners or managing officers. The adherence to this obligation contributes to the continuous update of the information held by the Companies House.

Thus, the submission of the Annual Update Statement plays a vital role in upholding transparency, legal compliance, and the overall integrity of corporate records.

Why UK Regulated Agent is Essential for Filing Annual Update Statements?

An Overseas Entity can submit an Annual Update Statement directly if its profile, ownership structure, beneficial owners or managing officers have not changed in any way since its initial registration.

UK Regulated Agent is Essential for Filing Annual Update Statements

However, it needs to file and get the Statement verified through a UK regulated agent in case of any changes to its beneficial owners, address details and names, company structure or more.

Regardless of whether there have been changes or not, it is recommended that overseas entities file their Annual Update Statements through a UK regulated agent for the following reasons:

Expertise and Compliance Knowledge

A regulated agent comprises team members representing different professional bodies with significant expertise in handling matters like filing Annual Update Statements.

The specialised team will ensure the Statement is filed as per the Companies House's regulatory requirements.

Efficiency and Timeliness

UK-regulated agents pride themselves on having a highly skilled team with experience in handling regulatory tasks with precision and promptness.

This ensures that overseas entities can trust them to manage these responsibilities efficiently, without errors, and most importantly, within the designated timelines.

This timely and accurate approach prevents any legal or financial repercussions that may arise from non-filing or delayed submission of Annual Update Statement.

Reduced Administrative Burden

Dealing with regulatory filings and routine tasks like these can be an additional burden for companies. It is time-consuming and can divert the management’s attention from their core business activities.

Outsourcing such responsibilities to a UK-regulated agent can lighten the administrative burden for the management.

filing annual update statement

It also provides reassurance to the management knowing that a legitimate agent is taking care of the legal tasks, managing them efficiently, and ensuring everything is in order, further allowing management to focus on their primary business operations without the added stress of regulatory matters.

Risk Mitigation

A team of highly skilled professionals will manage the obligations meticulously, ensuring strict adherence to all legal requirements. 

This careful attention significantly reduces the risks associated with non-compliance, errors, and other potential issues that could result in the rejection of the Annual Update Statement by the Companies House.

Their expertise guarantees that the necessary steps are taken to meet all legal standards, preventing any complications in the submission process of Filing Annual Update Statements.

Risk Migration-annual update statement

High Probability of Companies House Acceptance

The likelihood of Companies House accepting the Annual Update Statement significantly increases when one engages a UK regulated agent.

UK regulated agents are known for their dependability, emphasising precise accuracy, and addressing the specific requirements of overseas entities. 

They meticulously update all changes that occur post-registration, enhancing the accuracy of the Annual Update Statements.

This careful approach improves the chances of the Companies House accepting the submission seamlessly in a single attempt.


Every overseas entity registered in the UK must comply with legal requirements, such as submitting the Annual Update Statement as mandated by the Companies House.

Failure to file this statement on time or missing the deadline can result in the invalidation of the Overseas Entity ID (OE ID), accompanied by legal and financial repercussions imposed by the Companies House. 

To ensure a seamless filing process and avoid complications, it is essential to use the services of a UK regulated agent, especially when there is an alteration in the company profile.

Moreover, even in instances where there are no alterations, opting an UK regulated agent is advisable for a hassle-free and smooth filing experience.

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