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United States

If you are living in USA and involved in the UK Property and real estate, UK Property Accountants will provide expert UK tax and accounting solutions tailored to the residents of USA. The property taxes applicable in the UK is quite complex and can be very difficult to understand for USA based businesses and individuals. The UK tax system is drastically different from the tax system of USA.

Following are the most common forms of ownership structure commonly used by the investors and businesses based in USA for property ownership and property development projects:

  • UK limited company with residents of United States as shareholders
  • Private Limited Liability Company (LLC) registered in United States
  • Direct ownership by individual investors
  • Other complex structures such as trusts and entities based in United States

Tax experts and accountants at UK Property Accountants with experience and expertise in dealing with Americans residents will be able to advise you on the best structure and execute the chosen structure. We also understand the reliefs and tax implication of the double taxation treaty between the UK and USA  (UK/USA  Double Taxation Treaty) signed on 19July 2002.

UK Property Accountants also provides regular tax compliance, accounting and company law compliance services, covering various services such as:

UK Property Accountants deal with a wide range of businesses run by the residents and nationals of United States as listed below:

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