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Late First-Time Homebuyers: Trends and Challenges Revealed

Published by Chirag,
Posted Date: January 31, 2024 , Modified Date: April 18, 2024

As property prices surge, an increasing number of individuals are deferring their inaugural home purchase until their 50s or later. A mortgage specialist conducting an analysis of Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) data uncovered a noteworthy 29% surge in Late First-Time Homebuyers aged 50 or older between 2018 and 2022. In contrast, the younger demographic witnessed an 8% decline among 18- to 25-year-olds and a 1% drop among 26- to 30-year-olds.

Shift in Demographics: A Closer Look

The age groups witnessing an ascent in Late First-Time Homebuyers were those over 31, with the most significant spikes recorded among 35- to 40-year-olds (21%) and 46- to 50-year-olds (31%). The CEO of the mortgage specialist suggests that a convergence of factors impacting Late First-Time Homebuyer affordability is steering people to wait until they're aged 50 or above before venturing into homeownership.

Late First-Time Homebuyers

This trend presents a dual challenge for the financial services industry and potential homebuyers, especially as traditional lenders often restrict mortgage loan terms beyond the age of 75.

Regional Dynamics and Contributing Factors

London emerges as the epicentre of this trend, experiencing a substantial 63% increase in Late First-Time Homebuyers over 50 in the last five years. Northern Ireland (58%), the East of England (46%), and the South East (36%) closely follow.

The mortgage specialist attributes this shift to various factors, including extended deposit saving times, escalating house prices, and the availability of more mortgage options later in life. "Our average customer has a deposit of £74,000, and there is a growing number of mortgages that run well into retirement, meaning becoming a homeowner with a mortgage in your 60s is now entirely possible."

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