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Homeownership: A Deep Dive Into No-Deposit Mortgages in the UK

Published by UK Property Accountants,
Posted Date: December 29, 2023 , Modified Date: June 4, 2024

A full purchase price mortgage covers the entire amount needed for property acquisition, such as a £250,000 loan for a £250,000 property. Commonly known as a no-deposit mortgage or 100% LTV mortgage, it covers the entire property value.

Qualifying for a no-deposit mortgage depends on meeting the lender's criteria, including affordability and eligibility. Aligning your finances with their standards is crucial for approval without the need for a deposit. This is particularly important when considering no-deposit mortgages in the UK.

Can You Get a No-Deposit Mortgage for Buy-to-Let?

No, it's generally not feasible. Buy-to-Let (BTL) mortgages usually have stricter requirements compared to residential loans. Approval without a substantial cash reserve, typically a minimum of a 20% deposit, is challenging.

Can you get a no-deposit mortgage for buy-to-let

Most lenders prefer a 25% deposit for Buy-to-Let properties, and only a few accept a 15% one. Professional landlords often release equity from their existing properties to meet these deposit requirements.

Pros and Cons of No-Deposit Mortgages


  • Tailored for individuals with a minimum 12-month renting history
  • No mandatory deposit, but you can contribute up to 5% if available
  • Fixed mortgage payments for five years, ensuring monthly payment stability


  • Potential for a higher interest rate without a deposit
  • Increased fees due to the complexities of a no-deposit mortgage application
  • Risk of lacking a deposit to offset negative equity if the property value drops
  • Limited choice, as only one mortgage lender (a building society) offers zero-deposit mortgages

Alternative Paths to Home Ownership

Guarantor Mortgages

Some lenders offer 100% mortgages with a guarantor's support - typically a parent, family member, or friend. The guarantor commits to covering risks and ensuring repayments if needed.

This involves securing the loan against the guarantor's property or using their savings. Accessing these mortgages without personal deposit funds can be challenging, but certain lenders consider guarantor arrangements.

Gifted Deposit

A gifted deposit is money provided, wholly or partially, as a gift, often from a family member or friend.

Some lenders offer 100% mortgages when the deposit comes from a family-gifted source. Additionally, deposits contributed as gifts from other parties, like vendor gifts, where a seller provides a property at a discounted price for a swift sale, may also be considered by certain lenders.

Government Schemes for Homebuyers

Shared Ownership

Here, borrowers own a 'share' of the property and pay reduced rent on the remaining portion. This results in a smaller mortgage and, consequently, a lower deposit.

The table below illustrates how choosing a Shared Ownership Mortgage can decrease the required deposit for a property valued at £150,000, based on the share of the property you own.

Mortgage Type

Property Share

Deposit Required




Standard Ownership



Standard Ownership



Standard Ownership



Right-to-Buy Scheme

Social housing tenants who meet eligibility criteria can purchase their council home at a discounted or even no deposit, depending on specific circumstances. Some lenders allow applicants to use their discount as the deposit. Consulting with a specialist broker is advisable to navigate the options effectively.

Mortgage Guarantee Scheme

Enabling homebuyers to make a purchase with a 5% deposit, the Mortgage Guarantee Scheme involves the government sharing the risk with the mortgage lender in case of property repossession. Some lenders are still accepting applicants until the scheme ends on 31 December 2023.

Lifetime ISAs (Individual Savings Accounts)

Designed for individuals aged 18-39, Lifetime ISAs (Individual Savings Accounts) serve as savings accounts to accumulate funds for a first home deposit. The government provides a 25% tax-free bonus for each year the account is held, facilitating a potentially quicker saving process for the deposit.

Who Can Get a Buy-to-Let Mortgage?

If you're considering renting out your property, obtaining a Buy-to-Let mortgage is crucial. However, eligibility for such mortgages is subject to specific conditions, which can vary among lenders.

Who can get a buy-to-let mortgage

These conditions may include:

Homeownership Requirement

While not universal, some lenders may require you to already own a property, either outright or with an outstanding mortgage.

Good Credit Record

Maintaining a positive credit record and avoiding excessive borrowings, such as high credit card balances, is often a condition.

Income Verification

Providing evidence of employment income or earnings from self-employment, separate from rental earnings, is a common requirement. Typically, an annual income of £25,000 or more may be necessary.

Age Restrictions

Lenders may impose a maximum age requirement, usually around 75 years, although some may have lower age limits.

Loan to Value Ratio (LTV) Limit

Most lenders set an LTV limit of at least 75%, requiring a minimum 25% deposit for a Buy-to-Let mortgage.

Rental Income Coverage

The amount you can borrow is often tied to the monthly rental income, which should cover at least 125% of your mortgage repayments.


Navigating homeownership and mortgage options requires careful consideration. While no-deposit mortgages and alternative paths present opportunities, it's crucial to weigh their pros and cons.

For expert guidance tailored to your needs, contact us, UK Property Accountants. We're here to assist you in making informed decisions for your homeownership or investment journey.

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