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Abishek Patel

Abishek has extensive experience in the field of Information Technology as an IT technician and technical support. He has assisted  in several small and large organizations in making IT reforms through his technical skills and advice.

Abishek is keen at finding optmised  IT solutions as well as troubleshooting any technical issue for the company. His technical knowledge and skills has been an tremendous support for us to deal with our technical issues and information security.

His areas of experience includes companies from various sectors such as:

  • Media Companies 
  • Construction Companies
  • Import, export & trading Companies

He has expertise and experience in many areas of IT, including:

  • Managing and configuring commercial servers
  • Network security and management
  • Hardware and software helpdesk
  • Technical troubleshooting and maintenance
  • Chip-level repairing and maintenance
  • Network Designing, mapping and implementation
  • Designing Custom computing Systems
  • Tech Advice
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