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Bhupendra Khatri

Bhupendra Khatri is a skilled software developer known for his passion for creating innovative solutions. With over two years of experience in the IT industry, Bhupendra specialises in backend development and excels in crafting scalable and efficient software solutions. His expertise lies in Node.js and Nest.js frameworks, ensuring seamless server-side operations and microservices architecture development.

Additionally, Bhupendra is proficient in frontend development using frameworks like React.js and Next.js, creating user-friendly interfaces that are both interactive and responsive. His proficiency extends to database management, with experience in MongoDB, PostgreSQL, and MySQL. Beyond his technical skills, Bhupendra is actively involved in the IT community, having served in leadership roles and organised professional development programs. With a dedication to continuous learning and innovation, Bhupendra is a valuable asset in the field of software development.

His areas of expertise include:

  • Backend Development with Node.js and Nest.js
  • Frontend Development with React.js and Next.js
  • Database Management with MongoDB, PostgreSQL, and MySQL
  • Microservices Architecture
  • Networking Principles and Operating Systems Fundamentals

His major qualification includes:

  • Bachelor's in Computer Application
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