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Christina Maharjan

Christina Maharjan, a Qualified Chartered Accountant with a background in a Big Four firm at Deloitte, is a dedicated professional with a strong commitment to learning and personal growth. Her journey has cultivated her analytical, logical reasoning, and leadership skills, making her a well-rounded expert in various financial disciplines.

Christina's expertise encompasses individual tax planning, management accounts, statutory audits, VAT compliance, and a wide array of financial responsibilities. Her vast experience spans diverse sectors, allowing her to provide tailored solutions to clients across various industries. In addition to her professional achievements, she holds a Bachelor's degree in Commerce, further enhancing her knowledge and skills in the field of finance and accounting. Christina is a valuable asset with a strong foundation in the industry.

Her experience includes clients from various sectors, including: 

  • Large Corporate Business
  • Manufacturing Industries
  • Education
  • Importers & Traders

She has expertise and experience on wide areas, including: 

  • Individual Tax Planning & Returns
  • Management Accounts & Reporting
  • Statutory Audits & external Reporting
  • VAT compliance & planning
  • Internal Audit
  • Financial Analysis
  • Inventory Management

Her major qualification include: 

  • Chartered Accountant (CA) 
  • Bachelor’s in Commerce (B. com) 
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