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Jyoti Mainali

Jyoti Mainali is a dedicated legal practitioner with experience dating back to 2019. Her specialisation lies in corporate and civil law, where she offers valuable expertise to various corporations for corporate advice and to civilians for legal matters.

Jyoti's skills extend beyond traditional legal practice. She excels in coordinating tasks, has extensive human resource management experience, and has a knack for capacity development.

Within the framework of UK Property Accountants, Jyoti fulfils responsibilities such as conducting legal research, and assisting clients with their confirmation statement papers and onboarding procedures. Her educational background includes a Bachelor's in Law (LLB) and a Master's in Sociology, which collectively enhance her qualifications to provide well-rounded support in the business's legal aspects.

Her primary qualification and achievements include:

  • Bachelors in Law (LLB)
  • Masters in Sociology
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