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 Senior Associate

Kishor Karki

Kishor Karki is a qualified Chartered Accountant with over eight years of experience in the field of accounting, auditing, and finance. His journey in the financial sector has been marked by a diverse range of experiences, from banks to manufacturing, hydropower, and real estate. This breadth of experience has not only enriched his expertise but also highlighted his versatility in the accounting and financial domain.

In addition to his professional qualifications and experience, Kishor is known for his level-headed personality. He is a person who believes in the power of continuous learning and is committed to further enhancing his skills and knowledge. His dedication to his profession is evident in his commitment to provide high-quality accounting and financial services.

Kishor’s commitment to continuous learning and providing high-quality services sets him apart in his field. As he continues to grow and evolve in his career, he remains dedicated to leveraging his skills and knowledge to make a significant impact in the accounting and financial sector.

His experience includes clients from various sectors including:

  • Manufacturing Companies
  • Banks and Insurance
  • Hydropower Companies
  • Other various Public and Private Companies

His expertise and experience on various sectors include:

  • Individual and Company tax returns
  • Statutory and External audits
  • Internal audit

His major qualifications include:

  • Chartered Accountant (CA)
  • Bachelor's in commerce (B. Com) 
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