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Nirajan Babu Khadka

Nirajan Babu Khadka, a talented and skilled computer science student with an impressive set of programming skills in PHP, Python, C programming, and JS. He is an expert in web development and is familiar with many levels of scriptwriting, with several years of experience in creating websites from scratch for various companies.

Nirajan's experience in WordPress theme and plugin development is unmatched, and he has successfully developed numerous plugins and themes that have been used by various clients. He is not only a skilled developer but also a confident and reliable team player. He is known for his excellent communication skills, enabling him to work seamlessly with other team members.

With Nirajan, you can expect nothing but the best. He is a dedicated and hardworking individual who always strives to exceed his clients' expectations. His passion for technology and innovation drives Nirajan to continually learn and develop new skills in any company he works, making Nirajan an invaluable asset to any team!

Skills :

  • PHP
  • C
  • Python
  • Web Development
  • JavaScript
  •  WordPress

He has expertise and experience on wide ranging areas, including:

  • BSc. CSIT ( Running )
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