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 senior associate

Pratishtha Oli

Pratishtha Oli is an accomplished Chartered Accountant with a broad range of Accounting, Finance, and Taxation expertise. Beyond her technical skills, Pratishtha stands out for her exceptional communication and collaboration abilities. Her proficiency in these areas enables her to build and maintain strong and enduring client relationships across a wide array of sectors.

Pratishtha's extensive experience and skill set make her a valuable asset in various industries, including corporate businesses, service sectors, manufacturing, banking, and insurance. She specialises in a multitude of financial aspects, including accounting, tax advisory, due diligence, and tax returns, consistently providing comprehensive and effective solutions to her clients.

Currently pursuing a Bachelor's in Business Studies, Pratishtha Oli remains committed to her professional development and the delivery of top-notch financial and advisory services.

Her experience includes client management for various sectors, including:

  • Corporate business
  • Service industries
  • Manufacturing companies
  • Banks
  • Insurance
  • Public companies

She has developed expertise in various areas, including:

  • Statutory audits and external reporting
  • Cost Audit and Internal Audit
  • Due Diligence Audit
  • Individual and company tax returns
  • Risk Management and Risk Assessment Procedure

Her major qualifications include:

  • Chartered Accountant (CA)
  • Bachelor in Business Studies -Running
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