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 Senior Associate 

Rahul Chapagain

Rahul Chapagain, a licensed legal professional since 2015, brings over nine years of extensive experience in the legal field. His areas of expertise encompass diverse domains such as Foreign Direct Investment, Due Diligence, Banking and Finance, Taxation, and corporate litigation. What sets Rahul apart is his unique blend of legal acumen with a solid foundation in accounting and finance.

He holds academic qualifications in law, including a Bachelor's in Law and a Master's in Business Administration. This distinctive combination of legal and financial knowledge positions Rahul as a valuable resource in offering comprehensive guidance and strategic solutions to businesses and clients seeking expertise in these areas.

Rahul has progressive experience of over 9 years in legal matters. His areas of experience include:

  • Foreign Direct Investment
  • Corporate Due Diligence
  • Banking and Finance
  • Tax and corporate litigation

In addition to his legal background, he has sound knowledge of accounting and finance.

His major qualifications include:

  • LL. B ( Bachelors in Law)
  • Peace and Conflict Studies
  • Masters in Business Administration
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