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Rasmila Banjara

Rasmila Banjara, currently pursuing Chartered Accountancy, has professional hands-on experience of nearly five years in diverse industries such as manufacturing, banks and financial institutions, non-profit organisations, trading and services. With a robust background in accounting, finance, internal audit, and tax compliance, she has honed her skills in managing dynamic financial portfolios with precision.

Also pursuing a Master's Degree in Economics, she holds a Bachelor's Degree in Business Studies; her academic pursuit complements her commitment to a holistic understanding of economic and business principles. Her approach to challenges, keen attention to detail, continuous learning attitude and adaptability make her an invaluable asset to the organisation.

Her experience includes clients from various sectors, including:

  • Bank and Financial institutions
  • Non-profit organization
  • Service and Trading industries
  • Manufacturing industries

She has experience in the following areas relating:

  • Book-keeping and accounting
  • Statutory audit and assurance
  • Internal Audit
  • Income tax and VAT compliances
  • Filing company tax returns
  • Financial institutions internal control & Risk assessment

Her major qualifications are:

  • Chartered Accountancy (CA-Running)
  • Master of Arts-Economics (Running)
  • Bachelors of Business Studies (BBS)
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