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Santosh Pandey

Santosh Pandey, a Qualified Chartered Accountant with eight years of experience, is a seasoned professional in property Accounting, Taxation, Due Diligence, Valuations, and Tax consultancy. He boasts an extensive portfolio that encompasses diverse sectors, including large corporate businesses, manufacturing companies, banks, insurance companies, and more.

Santosh's expertise extends to various domains, where he excels in limited company accounts, tax planning and advisory, International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), and a myriad of other financial disciplines. His academic accomplishments are equally impressive, having pursued a Master's in Business Studies, which bolsters his strong foundation in the realm of finance and accounting. With his years of experience and comprehensive knowledge, Santosh is a valuable asset in the world of financial consultancy.

His experience includes clients from various sectors, including:

  • Large Corporate Business
  • Banks and Financial Institutions
  • Insurance Companies
  • Manufacturing companies
  • Trading businesses

He has expertise and experience in wide-ranging areas, including:

  • Limited Company Accounts
  • Corporation Tax Returns
  • Tax Planning and Tax Assessments
  • Statutory Audits and Compliance
  • Due Diligence
  • Financial Planning and Projections
  • Financial Accounting
  • Company/Equity Valuation
  • Restructuring and Consolidation
  • IFRS and First-time IFRS Adoption
  • Company Secretarial Services

His Major Qualification includes:

  • Chartered Accountant (CA) 
  • Master’s in Business Studies (MBS)
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