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Simran Baniya

Simran Baniya, a law graduate with experience in corporate and civil litigation, brings a wealth of legal expertise to her professional endeavours. With a keen understanding of the legal landscape and hands-on experience gained in reputable firms, she excels in legal analysis, research, and client representation. Motivated by a desire to diversify her skill set, Simran transitioned from litigation to the corporate sector, demonstrating her adaptability and commitment to professional growth.

In her current role, she provides comprehensive business solutions to clients, navigating legal and regulatory compliance with a rational approach. Simran's areas of expertise include corporate and civil litigation, contract matters, and undertaking due diligence.

Her areas of expertise include:

  • Corporate and Civil Litigation
  • Contract Matters
  • Undertaking Due Diligence

Her major qualifications are:

  • Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Laws

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