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Srijan Gautam

Srijan Gautam, a Chartered Accountant with six years of experience, is passionate about financial modelling and analytics, offering clients comprehensive services in property accounting, due diligence, valuations, and taxation. His proficiency has made him a trusted adviser to clients from various sectors, providing expert guidance on tax and accounting matters, valuations, due diligence, and IFRS financial reporting.

Srijan's specialised skills include managing limited company accounts, handling corporation tax returns, and creating effective financial models. His qualifications extend beyond his Chartered Accountant status, encompassing a Bachelor's degree in Business Studies. He is dedicated to furthering his knowledge and expertise by pursuing a Master's in Economics and working towards achieving CFA Level I, making him a well-rounded financial professional.

His experience includes clients from various sectors, including:

  • Large corporate business
  • Banks and Financial Institutions
  • Private equities
  • Insurance Companies
  • Manufacturing companies
  • Trading businesses
  • Property Management Business

He has expertise and experience on wide ranging areas, including:

  • Limited company accounts
  • Corporation tax returns
  • Due diligence
  • Financial modelling
  • Financial Accounting
  • Service Charge Accounts
  • Company/equity Valuations
  • Restructuring and Consolidation
  • IFRS and First time IFRS Adoption
  • Google Data Analytics
  • Advance Valuation and Strategy

His major qualification includes:

  • Chartered Accountant
  • Bachelors in Business Studies (BBS)
  • MA Economics (Running)
  • CFA Level I – (Running)
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