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Sujan Poudel

Sujan is a full-stack web developer specialising in MERN stack. He excels in crafting web applications with elegance and optimal performance. Over the past years, he has honed his skills in generating web applications. With an exceptional drive for problem-solving and an eye for design, Sujan has worked in various sectors like hospitality, e-commerce, and surveys.

With enthusiasm for system design, he looks forward to growing every day as an engineer. He aspires to work on various architectures, polishing his skills further down the line. He is also exceptional with leadership and guidance.

His areas of expertise include:

  • Hospitality
  • Survey and Data Presentation
  • E-commerce
  • NodeJS, ReactJS, Express.js, MongoDB, Vue.js

His major qualifications are:

  • B.E (Computer Engineering)
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