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Sulav Pandit

Sulav Pandit is a Computer Engineering graduate with a strong skillset in software development and quality assurance. He understands the software development lifecycle and testing methodologies, including manual and automated testing. Sulav is also proficient in programming languages, demonstrating a good command over object-oriented languages.

He is knowledgeable in requirement analysis, creating test plans and cases, and defect reporting. Additionally, Sulav understands Agile methodology, Scrum, and project management well. He has experience in web UI automation using Selenium and database testing using SQL commands. Sulav has worked on various projects, including automation, an email administration system, an attendance app, and a diabetes prediction model using AI and Data mining techniques. He is well-versed in software development and version control tools.

His area of expertise includes:

  • Project management
  • Object Oriented Programming
  • Database management
  • Web automation
  • SEO
  • Microsoft office expertise

His major qualifications are:

  • Bachelors in Computer Engineering
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