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 Director of Property Management

Tomos Compton

Tomos Compton is the Director of our Property Management division. He is a Group Director at Prime Residential Property Management Ltd. And alongside this role, he is a Partner at Hawthorn Capital Group, a private investment firm specialising in Private Equity Real Estate in UK markets.

Tomos extensive professional journey encompasses various significant roles. Beyond his position as the Director of the Property Management division at UK Property Accountants, William brings a wealth of professional experience to the table. His tenure at Barclays saw him working as an Associate Director, where he gained invaluable experience in real estate and international corporates.

Tomos's dedication to the field is further exemplified by his previous role as a Real Estate Advisor at Nova Financial Group. His career began as an Intern in Real Estate Advisor at the same organisation. This diverse background showcases his expertise and leadership within the real estate and financial sectors.

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