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 Head of Property Management

William Bainbridge

William Bainbridge is head of our Property Management division, where he plays a pivotal role in the strategic direction and management of the division. He is also a group director at Prime Residential Property Management Ltd since December 2019. William focuses on core-plus and value-added residential assets across major UK cities, contributing to the company's continued success. His dedication and expertise have been instrumental in guiding the company towards excellence in property management.

In addition to his role as head of the Property Management division in UK Property Accountants, William boasts an extensive professional background. His prior experience includes working at reputable organisations such as Deloitte, Serone Capital Management LLP, IDCM Limited, Bloomsbury Capital, UCL, and HSBC Global Banking and Markets, contributing to his growth and expertise in the financial and real estate sectors.

William Bainbridge's comprehensive background and significant contributions to the Property Management sector underscore his exceptional role in the UK's real estate industry.

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