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PM’s £2,000 Tax Claim Confuses People

Published by Prerana
Posted Date: June 10, 2024 , Modified Date: June 10, 2024

As the general election approaches, both the Conservatives and the Labour Parties are going head to head on numerous issues. On such issue is the supposed £2,000 tax hike that Prime Minister Rishi Sunak claimed the Labour Party would impose on all UK households. This comment has confused many families and has become a major topic of discussion.

The Prime Minister has received criticism for his comments as the UK’s Statistics Authority has raised concerns about the potential for misleading information.

What Did Sunak Say About Labour’s Tax Plans?

During his first live TV debate with Labour’s Sir Keir Starmer, the Prime Minister claimed several times that the Labour Party planned to raise the taxes by £2,000 (per household). However, the UK’s statistics watchdog clarified the figure represents a cumulative total for over 4 years and not an annual increase. The critical detail about the timeline of the growth was conveniently not included in Sunak’s public statements, raising the potential of misleading people.

UK Tax Rise

Both the Conservative and the Labour Party have pledged not to raise Income Tax, National Insurance, and VAT. Sir Keir replied to the Prime Minister’s statements, claiming he was deliberately lying about Labour’s plan. However, Sunak denied such claims, adding that the Labour Party was rattled when they exposed their plans.

Are the Conservatives Misrepresenting Official Figures?

The Office for Statistics Regulation (OSR) iterated that political parties must ensure they avoid misleading or confusing people when they make high-profile numerical claims about their or opposing parties’ plans. OSR released a statement publishing the document that explains which Labour policies the Conservatives has taken into account when coming up with the number.

OSR criticised the way the Conservatives presented their estimate of Labour’s plans. They said, “Without reading the full Conservative Party costing document, someone hearing the claim would have no way of knowing that this is an estimate summed together over four years.” The Statistics Authority has warned against this practice.


As the election approaches, the debate over tax policies continues to grow fiercer. Prime Minister Rishi Sunak’s claims about Labour’s tax rise have received major criticism. The Prime Minister’s claim did not include the time period over which the tax would be raised. This can possibly mislead people. So, the UK’s Statistics Authority OSR has highlighted the need for accuracy and clarity in political discussions.

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