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Police Search Properties for Fraud Investigation

Published by Prerana
Posted Date: May 18, 2024 , Modified Date: May 17, 2024

Police officers searched properties in Suffolk and Cambridgeshire as a part of the fraud investigation into a Stowmarket-based firm. Officers from the Eastern Region Special Operations Unit (ERSOU) searched different commercial and residential addresses.

What Was the Investigation for?

An accounting firm promoted a tax rebate scheme to assist individuals in claiming relief for work-related expenses. Clients received thousands of pounds in rebates through the accounting firm’s services. Problems arose when HMRC contacted many of these clients, informing them that they were not entitled to the rebates and demanding repayment. This unexpected turn of events has left many clients financially burdened and out of pocket.

fraud investigation

On Tuesday, May 14, officers from the Eastern Region Special Operations Unit (ERSOU) conducted searches at a commercial unit and two residential properties in Stowmarket, as well as an office in Peterborough. Documents and digital devices were seized during these operations. Despite the significant seizures, no arrests have been made at this stage. ERSOU's investigation is ongoing, with teams working closely with partner agencies to determine if any fraudulent activities occurred.

The Current Status

ERSOU has encouraged anyone who believes they may be a victim of fraud related to the accounting firm to report it. Those who have already reported their concerns to Action Fraud received an update about the raids but were informed that there are no further updates on the investigation at this time.

In response to the allegations, the accounting company has maintained that they have not made any errors. Through their lawyers, the firm has denied any wrongdoing, claiming that the accusations are unfounded.


The investigation into the accounting firm highlights the risks associated with Tax Rebate schemes and emphasises the importance of thoroughly screening financial service providers. As ERSOU continues its investigation, affected individuals should stay aware and report any related concerns to the authorities. This case reminds us of the need for transparency and caution in financial dealings.

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