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Renters’ Reform Bill Sparks Concerns in York’s Student Rental Market, YRLA Warns

Published by Chirag
Published Date: September 19, 2023

As the excitement of Freshers' Week kicks off for thousands of students, the York Residential Landlord Association (YRLA) is sounding the alarm about the potential consequences of the Renters' Reform Bill on the student rental market.

YRLA highlights significant shortages in the student accommodation sector, particularly in York. According to the association's data, purpose-built student accommodation (PBSA) only caters to 30-35% of students, while the private rented sector (PRS) houses more than 50%.

Uneven Playing Field Concerns

What raises eyebrows is that the Renters' Reform Bill appears to create an uneven playing field, allowing PBSA providers to continue offering fixed-term tenancies while imposing restrictions on PRS landlords. YRLA voices its concerns, stating, "The Bill creates a purposefully uneven playing field. The PBSA sector, who have signed up to the Unipol Code of Practice, will be permitted to exempt themselves from the Bill and grant fixed-term tenancies. PRS landlords, even those signed up to the Unipol code, will not. There is no justifiable reason for this approach. There is no evidence of lesser quality or standards in the student PRS as compared to PBSA."

Renters' Reform Bill

The association argues that PRS landlords could also choose to adopt a similar code of practice, levelling the playing field for all students. However, it raises concerns about potential confusion among students, as they grapple with different rules and notice requirements when seeking accommodation.

Looming Crisis in Student Accommodation

YRLA warns of a looming crisis as landlords may struggle to guarantee student accommodation for the next academic year, leaving thousands of students in a state of uncertainty while searching for suitable places to live. The association emphasises, "The loss of fixed-term tenancies in the Bill will effectively destroy the current arrangement between students and PRS landlords. As the Bill stands, landlords will have no certainty that students are going to leave on any specific date unless those students have given two months' notice of their intention to do so."

Renters' Reform Bill

In addition, YRLA underscores the timing issue, noting that students will be preoccupied with exams during the crucial period when they should be considering their housing arrangements. This lack of certainty could disrupt both outgoing and incoming students' plans, making it challenging for landlords and students alike.


In conclusion, the Renters' Reform Bill has sparked concerns within the student rental market, particularly in York, where the YRLA emphasises the need for fairness and clarity to ensure that students can secure suitable accommodation without unnecessary confusion and stress.

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