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CIS compliance is crucial for any UK construction business, whether you are a main contractor, subcontractor, specialist contractor, or self-employed construction worker.

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Spearheaded by the UK's polished professional bodies, ACCA and CIOT, we vouch that we render the best service from our qualified and regulated accountants and tax advisers.

Understanding CIS Applicability

Discover If Your Business Activities Fall Within Scope of CIS

If your business operations fall within the scope of the Construction Industry Scheme (CIS), it is important to register for CIS and ensure ongoing compliance with its regulations.

Businesses Within CIS Scope

  • New building construction
  • Groundworks like excavation, site preparation, landscaping
  • Electrical and mechanical installation
  • Demolition and removal of building structures
  • Plumbing, drainage, Painting, decoration, carpentry

Businesses Outside CIS Scope

  • Services like architectural and engineering work
  • Manufacture of construction materials
  • Fire alarm systems and fire detection systems
  • External & routine cleaning of buildings and structures
  • Routine clearance of gutters and sewage pipes.

What we offer

Comply with CIS Regulations

We offer different CIS services to contractors and subcontractors based on the varying compliance requirements of the Construction Industry Scheme for each group.

Choose Our Tailored Package for Your Construction Business 


CIS Registration

Subcontractor’s Verification

Payment Deduction Statements Issuance 

Monthly CIS Return Submission

CIS penalty appeal

Arranging CIS Payments


CIS Registration

Claiming CIS refunds

Employment Payment Summary(EPS) Submission

Record Keeping of  Payment Deduction Statements

Dealing with queries

Advising on CIS affairs

CIS Payment








CIS Return Submission






Unfamiliar with submitting CIS Return?

We are here to ensure your CIS returns get filed accurately and timely manner. We save you from financial penalties and business disruption which can cause by incorrect returns.


Uncertain About Claiming Back CIS Deductions?

Sub-contractors often end up paying excessive taxes through Construction Industry Scheme (CIS). If you are one of them, don’t worry as you can get a CIS refund for overpaid taxes.

Don't overpay: Claim back CIS

The refund claiming process for CIS deductions differs depending on whether the subcontractor is a sole trader / partnership or a limited company.

Get paid in full: Gross Payment Status

Enjoy the benefit of receiving full payment on invoices without a tax deduction, a rare privilege in the construction industry, with our experts guiding you.

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FDI Ltd.


Penalty appeal

Due to a delay caused by HMRC in issuing the PAYE reference number during the CIS registration process, our client was unable to submit CIS returns on time. As a result, our client received penalties of £100 per month for four months, totalling £400.

After receiving the PAYE reference number, we immediately submitted all outstanding CIS returns for our client from September to December 2022. Fortunately, our successful appeal to HMRC resulted in the penalty being waived, saving our client from incurring a cost of £400.

Mr. Harvey

Solar panel installer

Gross payment status application

We recently assisted Mr. Harvey, a self-employed solar panel installer, with registering his business for the Construction Industry Scheme (CIS) and applying for gross payment status. Despite having heard of the status, he was unsure about its benefits and requirements.

To ensure his eligibility, we conducted a comprehensive business assessment. Upon passing all necessary tests, his business received full payment from his contractor with a 0% CIS deduction, saving him £7,780 in upfront tax during 2021/22 on a turnover of £38,900.

Ms. Rachel

Building  cleaner

CIS refund- Claim back 

Our client, Ms. Rachel, is a self-employed internal building cleaner who had a turnover of £79,200 for the tax year 2021/22. Her contractor had withheld £12,600 in taxes, which she was keen to recover.

We also assisted Ms. Rachel with her self-assessment tax return. Given that she also had other income of £8,500, after calculating her total tax liability of £12,460, we discovered that her advance tax deduction was higher than necessary. We promptly arranged for an online refund from HMRC, which resulted in Ms. Rachel receiving a cashback of £140.

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What services do you offer for CIS compliance?

 Our comprehensive CIS services for contractors include registration, monthly returns, payment processing, subcontractor verification, record-keeping, and penalty appeals.

For subcontractors, we handle CIS registration, self-assessment, gross payment status application, payment and deduction records, and CIS refund claims.

What if I make a mistake on my CIS returns and how can you assist me in correcting them?

We offer you a chance to resubmit corrected returns if you notice any errors after submission, provided that the errors were unintentional.

Can you explain my obligations as a CIS contractor or subcontractor?

We will ensure that you are informed about your obligations under the Construction Industry Scheme, helping to keep your business compliant with the necessary legislation.

How can you assist me with appealing against a CIS penalty?

Our team will carefully examine the circumstances of the penalty, gather all necessary evidence, and work tirelessly to achieve a favourable outcome for you.

How can you help me register for CIS?

You just need to give us the required information, and we'll ensure your business is registered accurately and efficiently under Construction Industry Scheme (CIS).

How do you verify a subcontractor's CIS status?

We use the information you provide us about your subcontractor to verify with HM Revenue and Customs whether they are registered or not.

What are the benefits of using your CIS services?

With our extensive experience serving hundreds of CIS clients, we can ensure your business complies with the latest CIS regulations, and you avoid any penalties.

What sets your CIS services apart from other providers in the industry?

Our CIS services stand out from other providers due to our team's expertise and personalized approach to helping businesses stay compliant with CIS regulations.

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