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Let Property Campaign: Declare Your Property Income

If you have any unreported property income, take advantage of the best terms offered by the Let Property Campaign to get your tax affairs in order. 

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Received Nudge Letter from HMRC?

HMRC's Let Property Campaign Targets Landlords with Income from Letting Property

Custom Letters

Landlords receive personalised letters prompting them to evaluate their tax records and report rental income.

Tax Complaince

This effort is a component of HMRC's broader campaign to close the tax gap and address non-compliance issues.

Reduce Penalties

Landlords can voluntarily disclose their income and receive lower penalties through  let property campaign.

Why Let Property Campaign?

The Let Property Campaign is a UK government initiative to encourage landlords who have undeclared rental income to voluntarily disclose it, benefitting from reduced penalties and simplified disclosure process while increasing tax compliance.

Rectify Tax Errors

Keep your tax affairs current and resolve any prior tax errors related to your property income within the last 20 years

A Simple Procedure

A HMRC disclosure procedure that is structured and appropriate for both deliberate and non-deliberate property tax errors

Reduced Penalties

Disclosures made voluntarily can lessen fines and put an end to problems before they get out of hand

Our Process

Process for Let Property Campaign

We have a very easy procedure for the Let Property Campaign; you can view it here on this page, and then you could contact us about your LPC resolution.


Notify HMRC that you wish to take part in the Let Property Campaign


Inform HMRC about all your income, gains, taxes, and duties that you haven't already disclosed

Formal Offer

Make a formal offer to HMRC for the full amount of everything you owe


Make the payment as soon as possible

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Received a nudge from HMRC

Julia and her husband shared rental income but didn't disclose it to HMRC as they thought it was covered by their personal allowance. However, after receiving a nudge from HMRC, Julia sought advice from us. 

We advised her to disclose her property income even though she didn't owe any taxes and assisted her in submitting a disclosure for LPC in collaboration with HMRC.



He faced a penalty of £20,340 

Harry didn't think he needed to report his rental income as he believed it only covered mortgage costs. He was unaware of Section 24 of Income Tax, which disallows the direct deduction of mortgage interest from rental income. Instead, he needed to claim a tax credit at the basic tax rate. 

HMRC discovered his UK property rental income, and he faced a penalty of £20,340 but since he had no intention of deliberately concealing the income, we worked to ensure HMRC imposed a minimum penalty of £6,780, saving £13,560.



Tax obligation of £8,879

Sumona lived in her flat from 2007-2010 before renting it out. When she disclosed her rental income to HMRC through LPC, they disputed her claim, stating that a third party occupied the property during that time. 

We advised her to collect evidence before the first letting, but when she struggled to do so, we worked with HMRC to secure an extension for evidence collection. Ultimately, HMRC agreed with us that she had only received rental income from 2010. The case was closed after she paid the agreed-upon tax obligation of £8,879.

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We are proud to say that our team has successfully resolved a wide range of cases, providing our clients with expert tax advice and solutions. With our team's dedication and commitment to achieving positive outcomes, we have helped countless clients achieve their goals and move forward with confidence.

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How does having a qualified accountant do my Let Property Campaign Disclosure differ from doing it myself?

Our team of qualified property accountants and tax adviser can ensure you claim all entitled deductions and navigate complex tax forms related to Let Property Campaign. Doing it yourself may lead to missed tax-saving opportunities, errors, and time-consuming research. Working with us can save you time, optimize your tax position, and provide peace of mind.

How quickly can I expect to receive a response from your team if I have a question or concern?

We aim to respond to questions and concerns within 24 hours during regular business hours, but response times may vary based on complexity and team availability. Urgent cases receive priority, and we communicate clearly with clients regarding any potential delays.

How do you ensure the security and confidentiality of client information?

We prioritise the security and confidentiality of client information through limited access, secure data storage and transfer, and regular staff training. We continuously review and update our procedures to stay up to date with industry standards and best practices.

What specific accounting and taxation services do you offer to clients?

We provide a broad range of accounting and taxation services to meet the diverse needs of our clients. Some of our core services include Accounts, Income Tax & CGT, Stamp Duty & Land Taxes, Finance Function, Value Added Tax (VAT), Payroll & CIS and many more. We continuously strive to provide a comprehensive suite of services that meet the evolving needs of our clients.

How do you tailor your services to meet the specific needs of individual clients?

We take a client-centred approach to tailor our services to your specific needs. This involves understanding your goals, challenges, and expectations, customizing our services to meet your needs, collaborating with you throughout the process, and regularly evaluating the effectiveness of our services to ensure they continue to meet your evolving needs.

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