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UK employers need to operate PAYE and comply with various regulations relating to tax deductions, pension enrolment, and statutory payments as part of their workplace payroll.

Experience your payroll liberation with UKPA’s trusted expertise and customisable outsourcing solutions.

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Spearheaded by the UK's polished professional bodies, ACCA and CIOT, we vow that we render the best service from our qualified and regulated accountants and tax advisers.

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Why Choose UKPA for Payroll?

Our team of experts will skillfully manage all aspects of your payroll, allowing you to enjoy a worry-free and streamlined payroll process.

HMRC Accredited Payroll Software

Our payroll services use HMRC-accredited software that supports all RTI submissions and encompasses full auto-enrolment functionality.

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Cloud-based Payroll Software

Our reliable cloud-based payroll software offers automated, user-friendly features that ensure effortless backup and restoration of your payroll data.

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Integrated Software

We seamlessly integrate your payroll with popular accounting software such as Xero, QuickBooks, Sage, Kashflow, and more.

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Easy Access via Mobile App

We provide a mobile-based self-service dashboard for employees and employers to log in, access and update their payroll data.

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Report & Analytics

With our reporting features, you can quickly visualize, share reports, and make informed decisions faster and more confidently.

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Data Security

Our services feature secure software and data storage that meet GDPR standards and protect your sensitive data.

Get the Right Package for Your Business

Our Customized Payroll Solutions

We offer various payroll packages designed to accommodate your specific business needs and employee count.

For 1 to 49 Employees

Basic Payroll Services

We provide efficient payroll, tax solutions, and support for small businesses, precisely when and how you need them.

  • Convenient monthly payroll data upload
  • Precise payroll tax calculations 
  • Automatic enrolment pension setup
  • Timely submission of all RTI reports
  • Instant access to payroll reports
  • Secured data backup & GDRP
  • Compliance & payroll laws updates

For 50+ Employees

Enhanced Payroll Services

We understand the challenges of managing a large business, and here we offer the services in addition to your basic package.

  • Efficient online payroll system
  • User-friendly self-service interface
  • Seamless integration
  • Scalable payroll solution
  • Assistance in complex pay structures
  • Dedicated expert support on-demand
  • Robust payroll analytics and insights

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Here is our awesome team

Great things in business are never done by one person. At UK Property Accountants, it is done by a team of people evolved from different walks of life. We are trained and experienced in property tax, accounting and compliance matters, and most of us are qualified as Chartered Accountants, Chartered Certified Accountants, Chartered Tax Advisers or Chartered Financial Analyst. 

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You're in good Company.

Employment Allowance claim


In the tax year 2022/23, AIB LLP had 5 employees in the payroll. During our review, we noticed that the company falls under the ‘Small Company Relief’ and will be eligible for employment allowance claim.

As per the HMRC requirements, we submitted ‘Employment Payment Summary’ (EPS) details, and client was able to claim maximum of £5,000.00 from the Employer National Insurance.


Through this process, AIB LLP saved total of £5,000.00 from the PAYE Liabilities.

Reporting ‘Benefit in kind’

Manage Investment Limited

Last year, a new client enlisted our payroll services in late June. During the information gathering process, we inquired about their P11D form filing with HMRC.

As the client was unaware of the requirement, we diligently reviewed all staff's benefit-in-kind details to determine if P11D submission was necessary.


Acting with urgency, we promptly submitted the details to HMRC, preventing potential penalties of £100 per 50 employees per month or part month after 6th July.

Tax Code Compliance Notification

Level up Limited

In tax year 2022/23, we onboarded a new payroll client and requested all  payroll related information, including their prior payroll reports.

Upon obtaining HMRC authorization, we identified that the client had unknowingly used an incorrect tax code throughout the prior tax year. 

Swiftly informing the client, we followed HMRC's guidance, and submit correct payroll reports thus avoiding penalties and ensuring compliance.

Unlocking Clarity: Your Top Questions Answered!

Frequently Asked Questions

We understand that clarity is essential when it comes to your financial decisions. 

  • Basic Payroll Features

  • Additional Payroll Features

  • Security & Confidentiality

Do you process payroll for a single employee?

Yes, we can process payroll for a single employee accurately and in tax efficient manner.

Does your payroll service support both salaried and hourly employees?

Our payroll service is designed to handle payroll processing for both salaried and hourly employees seamlessly.

Can you assist with payroll processing for employees with varying work schedules or pay rates?

Absolutely, we can handle payroll processing for employees with different work schedules or pay rates with precision. Further, we manage payroll for businesses with multiple locations or branches across the UK.

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