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We Make It Simple To Register Your Overseas Entity

Registration of Overseas Entities 

We, UK Property Accountants, are here to provide full fledged services relating to Registration of Overseas Entities who owns property in UK.

We offer you with the basic understanding of the process  and provide assistance with verification and registration of Overseas Entities on the Register maintained by the Companies House.

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Spearheaded by the UK's polished professional bodies, ACCA and CIOT, we vow that we render the best service from our qualified and regulated accountants and tax advisers.

How is Registration of Overseas Entity Reflected in Companies House?

Once approved by Companies House, the application information, which includes details like the overseas entity name, country of incorporation, register ID, registration number, legal form, addresses, and details of beneficial owners/managing officers, becomes publicly accessible through the Companies House’s website.

Application to Register an Overseas Entity

Here is Why You Need to Register Your Overseas Entity

To register your property in the United Kingdom, you will need an approved UK-Regulated Agent with Companies House Authorised Agent, which makes us an authorised agent to perform verification. We can assist you. If you are purchasing or owning property in the UK.

Process for the Registration of Overseas Entities

Step 01- Identification

Identify all the registrable beneficial owner(s)

Step 02- Verification

Verify all the information collected through UK-Regulated Agent with Agent Assurance Code

Step 03- Application

File an application requesting the registration of the Overseas Entities in ROE

Step 04-

Annual Compliances

Re-verify and update the information of the Overseas Entities every year

Penalties for Non-Registration

Failing to register your overseas entity with Companies House results in significant penalties. In fact, non-compliance leads to immediate fines and an 8% annual interest rate on unpaid amounts. Don't risk your financial standing; ensure timely registration. Let us help you.

What We Offer

We are UK-Regulated Agent with Companies House Authorised Agent. We have an experience providing services to Overseas Entities. Having a strong Compliance team with expertise on  Overseas Entities make us reliable agent to provide the following services:

Agent Assurance Code

We are UK-Regulated Agent with Companies House Authorised Agent which makes us authorised agent to perform verification

Identification of Beneficial Owners

We can assist you to understand the process of identification of the registrable beneficial owners


We assist you with the filing of your application to speed up the Overseas Entities registration process.


As an authorised Agent, we verify the overseas entity, the beneficial Owner(s) or the managing officers as required by the Legislation

Annual Compliance

We offer you the services of an annual update on the Companies House which includes re-verification of the information


In future, if you want to de-register the entity from ROE, We can help you with the process.

Already Registered ?

If you have already registered your overseas entity in the Companies House then Update Annual Statement of your Overseas Entity.

Frequently asked questions

I am an overseas entity. I wish to own a property in UK. Do I have to register?

Yes! Any overseas entity that desire to own property in UK must register with Register of Overseas Entity.

When is the deadline for Register?

The registration must be done by 31 January 2024.

What will happen if an overseas entity does not get registered?

Your property will be frozen. You will not be able buy, sell or transfer your property. 

What if I cannot identify the Registrable Beneficial Owner?

In that case, legislation provides flexibility of providing the information on Managing Officers. However, if you had the information on registrable beneficial owner and choose not to tell, you will be held liable for it.

What is an Overseas Entity ID (OE ID) Number?

An Overseas ID Number is the unique number provided to Overseas Entity after the registration gets approved. Every time an Overseas Entity make an application to register any kind of relevant dispositions, the OE ID must be provided to relevant land registry.

Can I register overseas entity myself?

Yes, you certainly can! However, it is provided that the process of registration is faster when a UK-Regulated Agent with Agent Assurance Code apply for registration. We are happy to help!

Do I have any obligation as an overseas entity if I had made any relevant disposition in land since 28 February 2024?

If an overseas entity has made a relevant disposition of land since 28 February 2024, you need to make an application including date of disposition, details of sold property and statement that this information is included in the application.

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