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Unintentional SDLT overpayments often occur due to the diverse nature of property transactions. Given that property purchases vary and don't conform to a standardised model, SDLT taxes are prone to being neglected or miscalculated. 

Derelict or Uninhabitable Property

Many homeowners and property buyers end up paying an extra 3% SDLT surcharge when acquiring additional dwellings or properties, even if they are unfit for use or in a state of disrepair. You can reclaim Stamp Duty Land Tax for derelict properties that you plan to renovate or put to use.

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Multiple Dwellings Relief

You may qualify for Multiple Dwellings Relief (MDR), when acquiring multiple properties in one or more transactions. Despite being a longstanding exemption, Multiple Dwellings Relief (MDR) is not always fully comprehended by solicitors or homebuyers. Property developers, investors, and homebuyers in the UK might be eligible for a stamp duty refund when purchasing multiple dwellings.

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First Time Buyer Relief

A first-time buyer relief is available to someone who has never owned a residential property and plans to live in the purchased property as their primary residence. Relief is applicable if the property's value is £625,000 or less.

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Budgeting and Cost Management

SDLT Group Relief Claim

SDLT group relief is applicable to a transaction when, at the effective date (usually the completion date), both the seller and the buyer involved in land transfers are part of the same group of companies. To be in the same group, one company must own a minimum of 75% of another company's share capital, or a third company should possess at least 75% of the share capital for both the buyer and the seller.

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Buying a residence from the personal representatives of a deceased individual as part of a business specialising in acquiring properties from such representatives, may qualify for a Stamp Duty refund.

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Tax Filing Requirements

Mixed Use

In the event of acquiring a property that encompasses both residential and non-residential components, there exists the potential eligibility for a Stamp Duty rebate that you may be entitled to claim.

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We are specialist accountants and tax advisers for your property business who understand the nuances of the stamp duty and refund processes. Our accomplished tech-embedded service with exceptional property tax insight makes us stand out from the rest.

Expertise and Experience

Our team of experienced accountants specialises in property-related taxation. We understand the complexities of SDLT, ensuring your claim is handled with precision.

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Customised Solutions

Each property transaction is unique. We provide personalised solutions based on your specific circumstances, maximising your chances of a successful claim.

Proven Track Record

We have successfully provided SDLT refund services delivering tangible results and improved efficiency for our clients.


Save time and hassle. We streamline the SDLT refund process, making it straightforward for you to claim what you're entitled to.

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Cost-Effective Solutions

Our services deliver exceptional value, offering competitive pricing without compromising on the expertise and quality we provide to SDLT Refund process.

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Clear Communication Throughout

We prioritise transparent and consistent communication throughout the SDLT refund process. Stay informed at every stage, receiving updates and clarifications promptly.

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Our work is centred around efficiency, collaboration, and delivering exceptional results to our clients.

Initial Discovery Call

We begin by conducting an in-depth initial discovery call with you. This helps us gain valuable insights into your unique needs and allows us to propose the most suitable SDLT refund solutions.

Risk Management
Customised Proposal

We develop a customised proposal outlining our recommended approach, timeline, deliverables, and cost estimates. We ensure transparency in our proposals, so you have a clear understanding of what to expect.

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Our experts will assess your eligibility for an SDLT refund based on your property transaction details.

Timely Filing

We will guide you through the required documentation, ensuring everything is in order for a smooth refund claim.

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Submission and Filing

After your review and approval, we submit your claim accurately and efficiently to HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC).

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We'll keep you informed throughout the process, providing updates on the status of your refund claim.

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