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UK Government’s New Tax Rules for Furnished Holiday Lets (FHL)

Published by Prerana
Published Date: May 6, 2024

The UK Treasury has recently made a decision regarding new tax regulations for businesses that rent out Furnished Holiday Lets. Despite requests for exemptions and consultations, the government is determined to enforce these changes, which are scheduled to come into effect on 6 April 2025. This move is likely to have a significant impact on the holiday rental industry, and businesses will need to adapt to the new tax rules to remain compliant with the law.

What Are the New Rules?

Starting 6 April 2025, if you operate a business that rents out furnished holiday homes, there will be a change in how you can deduct interest expenses from your taxes. Instead of deducting these expenses directly, you will receive a 20% tax credit against your tax bill.

The government has made this decision to address housing challenges, especially in areas where short-term holiday lets have increased. By changing how interest expenses are treated for Furnished Holiday Let (FHL) businesses, the government hopes to encourage property owners to offer more long-term rentals, thus increasing the availability of housing for residents.

Concerns Regarding the Decision

The government claims that the changes it proposes will create a more equitable tax system and help to ease the housing crisis. However, some members of Parliament have expressed their concerns. They argue that the new rules could have unintended consequences and are advocating for exemptions, particularly for properties such as those found on farms.

FHL rule changes for tax year 2025/26.

The members of Parliament have also stressed the need to consider the impact of these changes on local economies, particularly in coastal and rural areas that heavily rely on FHL properties. They fear that the implementation of these tax changes could lead to job losses and economic decline.


Despite the ongoing debate and concerns raised by MPs and industry representatives, the UK government remains firm in its decision to apply new tax regulations for Furnished Holiday Lets. Although the government believes that these changes are necessary to tackle housing issues and establish a more equitable tax system, there are genuine concerns about their potential impact on certain industries and regions.

As the deadline of 6 April 2025 approaches, stakeholders will continue to monitor the situation closely, seeking clarity on how these changes will affect businesses and local economies.

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