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UK Housing 2024: Price Drop Expected, Rents Rising

Published by Chirag,
Posted Date: December 28, 2023 , Modified Date: May 21, 2024

As analysts and lenders project a potential downturn in UK house prices and a persistent rise in rents for 2024, the dynamics of the housing market are poised for a significant shift. Let's delve into the insights and forecasts shaping these expectations.

Current Landscape: Projections and Varied Expectations

The government's official forecaster suggests a nearly 5% drop in property prices, while lenders foresee a more moderate fall. The uncertainties surrounding the economy and a less secure job market contribute to the cautious outlook for potential buyers.

Rental costs, a crucial factor for many, are expected to continue their upward trajectory, potentially rising by 5-6%. This could pose challenges for those already stretched by soaring costs and limit the ability to save for a deposit, particularly impacting aspiring first-time buyers.

housing market price falls

Economic Factors: Understanding the Housing Market Dynamics

The anticipation of a lacklustre economy in 2024 sets the stage for a cautious housing market. With a sluggish economy, people's confidence in moving or making a first-time home purchase might be affected, especially given the less secure job market.

Higher mortgage rates, a reality for many homeowners, are expected to persist, affecting around 1.6 million homeowners with expiring fixed-rate deals. This could lead to a potential decline in mortgage lending, as forecast by UK Finance, with an 8% reduction expected in 2024.

Expert Opinions: Insights from Key Players

Experts offer a cautious perspective, suggesting that if the economy remains sluggish and mortgage rates adjust only gradually, house prices may either record a small decline or remain broadly flat in 2024.

They expect rents to rise by 6% in 2024, more than twice the rate of income rise. However, they also foresee a deceleration in rent increases in subsequent years due to affordability constraints for tenants.

Current Landscape Projections and Varied Expectations

Tenant Realities: Balancing Rising Costs and Limited Options

Tenants, facing the challenge of soaring rental costs and extreme competition for properties, share their experiences. Limited choices and high demand have created a challenging environment for those seeking rental accommodations.

Expert insights into the rental market suggest a potential shift towards a more "balanced" scenario in 2024. The forecast indicates a slowdown in annual rental growth to 5%, offering a glimmer of hope for tenants bearing the brunt of rising costs.

Navigating the Shifting Terrain

As the UK housing market braces for potential shifts in 2024, individuals, whether aspiring buyers or tenants, need to navigate carefully. The interplay of economic factors, mortgage rates, and rental dynamics will shape the landscape, influencing housing decisions in the coming year.

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