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UK Housing Market Shows Early Sales Boost

Published by Chirag
Published Date: April 2, 2024

Supporting recent economic optimism, the UK housing market has displayed promising early indicators in the first quarter of 2024. As shown by the latest House Price Index, the market registered a 9% surge in sales compared to the corresponding period last year.

Rising Sales Activity and Listings

Sales activity has seen a significant uptick, attributed to burgeoning buyer confidence buoyed by the prevailing low mortgage rates which presently is at a two-year low of 4.4%. Concurrently, new property listings have soared by 20%, signalling increased UK housing market dynamism.

UK Housing Market

Regions with more affordable housing, notably Yorkshire and The Humber, along with the North West, have witnessed the strongest sales growth, recording increases of 11% and 13% respectively. Correspondingly, these areas have also observed a notable surge in new property listings, with the South West experiencing a 28% rise and the North East a 26% increase.

Market Outlook and Seller Expectations

Experts attribute the market uptick to rising wages and declining mortgage rates, which have boosted consumer confidence. Despite a slower rate of decline in house prices, the market remains a buyers’ market, offering a plethora of options. They underscore the importance of sellers maintaining realistic asking prices to capitalise on the improving market conditions.

UK Housing Market

The UK housing market is witnessing a narrowing gap between asking prices and agreed purchase prices, a testament to the evolving market dynamics. With the average discount shrinking from 4.5% to 3.9%, buyers now have more negotiating leverage. Moreover, the average estate agent now holds close to 30 properties on their books, providing buyers with increased choice and bargaining power.

Future Projections and Demand Trends in the UK Housing Market

Looking ahead, the market is expected to witness sustained demand from buyers, propelled by rising household incomes and the likelihood of further modest declines in mortgage rates. Experts also note that despite some buyers pausing their search in anticipation of major incentives, March concluded with robust market activity, particularly in regions like the capital, where demand continues to outstrip supply.

This surge in early sales activity and listings reflects a growing sense of optimism within the UK housing market, underpinned by favourable economic conditions and increased buyer confidence.

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