Although there are thousands of accounting firms around the UK, it is tough to find accountants who have in-depth knowledge and expertise in the property sector. The generic accountants and tax advisers don’t understand the specific needs of the property sector and are not aware of property-specific tax planning opportunities. You have in-depth knowledge of strategies in the property sector and their tax implication, such as property flipping, HMO, lease options, JV syndicates, Rent to Rent, Co-living, build-to-rent, build-to-sell, serviced accommodation and more. We speak your language and understand the overall dynamics of property investing, development, and other property businesses.

Consider the following few situations:

  • Wouldn’t it be great if your accountant could advise claiming SDLT relief when you buy your property? We come across many cases where landlords have overpaid stamp duty because their accountants and solicitor don’t have in-depth knowledge of SDLT and reliefs available.
  • Wouldn’t it be brilliant if you could buy your property from a deposit funded by tax relief?
  • Wouldn’t it be incredible if you get a VAT refund from HMRC on a property development/conversion project?
  • Wouldn’t it be fantastic if your accountant claims tax reliefs and you don’t have to pay any capital gains tax?

These are just a few examples of how we help our clients – there are hundreds of other options available for you to save tax within the boundary of tax laws. We want to be clear here – we don’t believe in illegal and abusive tax schemes but carry out tax planning with the limitation of tax laws.