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Landlord Fined for Not Improving Substandard Living Condition

Published by Prerana
Posted Date: May 19, 2024 , Modified Date: May 17, 2024

A landlord has been ordered to pay nearly £14,000 after his tenants were found living in severely substandard conditions in a landmark case. Preston Magistrates Court heard how residents endured damp, mould, electrical hazards, and structural issues for years, prompting Burnley Council to take legal action.

What Were the Conditions Like?

Tenants renting from a landlord in Padiham faced terrible living conditions. The properties were affected by dampness and mould, creating unhealthy environments that could lead to respiratory problems. There were also electrical hazards that posed significant safety risks, as well as holes in ceilings and other structural issues that made the homes uninhabitable. Despite initial promises to address these problems, the landlord only carried out minor repairs, leaving the major issues unresolved.

derelict property

Burnley Council had been pressuring the landlord to make necessary repairs for two years. The council issued multiple improvement notices under the Housing Act 2004, demanding essential work to be completed to bring the properties up to standard. Despite being given ample time, the landlord failed to comply with these notices adequately. The council's persistent efforts culminated in legal action, aiming to secure justice for the affected tenants.

What Was the Legal Outcome?

The Landlord admitted to three offences under the Housing Act 2004. Preston Magistrates Court imposed a fine of almost £14,000, reflecting the severity of the violations and the landlord’s prolonged neglect. The court heard that despite his commitments, the landlord did not undertake the essential repairs required by law, leading to continued suffering for his tenants.

A spokesperson from Burnley Council welcomed the court's decision, stating, "After almost two years of investigation and serving legal notices on the landlord, we've finally seen some justice for his tenants. They were all vulnerable in one way or another and were forced to live in such poor conditions that you could see the effect it was having on their health and well-being."


This case emphasises the crucial importance of landlords maintaining safe and habitable living conditions for their tenants. It also highlights the vital role of local councils in enforcing housing standards and protecting tenant rights. The significant fine imposed on the landlord serves as a warning to other landlords about the consequences of neglecting their responsibilities and the legal repercussions that can follow.

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