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Students Advised to Use the HMRC App for Loan Application

Published by Prerana
Published Date: May 14, 2024

With students preparing to begin the next academic year, HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) has launched a useful solution to simplify the student loan application process. HMRC's latest initiative has the September university intake in mind and enables students to easily access their National Insurance (NI) and tax information through the HMRC app.

How Does HMRC’s App Benefit Students Applying for Loans?

The HMRC app has a feature that can help students obtain their National Insurance (NI) and tax details with ease. By downloading the HMRC app, students can retrieve their NI number, which is an essential component of the student finance application process. This feature is designed to reduce the burden on students, as over 112,000 customers contacted the National Insurance helpline for lost or forgotten NI numbers in the past year.

HMRC app

Most of the customers contacting the NI helpline were enquiring about a lost or forgotten NI number and were between the ages of 16 and 20. Also, May was the busiest month of the year, with more than 6,400 students calling the helpline for their NI number. By providing students with instant access to their essential information, HMRC's initiative ensures a smoother application process, reducing delays and administrative hurdles.

Enhancing Efficiency in the Application Process

The HMRC app is a useful tool that helps students apply for and access their National Insurance (NI) numbers. Other than the NI number, students applying for loans will also need the following:

  • Working email address
  • Valid UK passport
  • Bank account
  • Details of the course being studied

The HMRC app empowers students to apply for financial assistance to cover living expenses and tuition fees easily. Parents or partners supporting the student's finances will also need their NI number along with other details. The application has over 430,000 National Insurance Card downloads to customers’ digital wallets, so it is easily accessible anytime. Additionally, the HMRC app has a 4.8-star rating on the App Store and a 4.7-star rating on the Google Play Store.

By reducing the risk of missing information and delays in application processing, the HMRC app ensures that students receive timely financial support for their educational pursuits.


HMRC has encouraged students to utilise the HMRC app features as their student loan processing deadline approaches. With the application, students can get their NI number, which is an essential part of the student loan-acquiring process. Other than NI number, the HMRC app can also empower students to gain financial assistance to cover their living expenses. So, use the HMRC app to get assistance with the student loan process.

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